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Now for two years TransbiKING develops extraordinary mountain bike raids using only GPS for navigational tool.

During a weekend, these raids offer a unique sporting and human experience along 60 miles of trails for 4500 meters of elevation gain.

But TransbiKING is mostly a mountain bike team riders including Damien Oton, Vice European Champion 2012 DH Marathon.

Band of Riders as partner of TransbiKING, provides equipment to the the team drivers and during events organized by TransbiKING in 2013.


Caminade is a French new brand of mountain bikes designed, developed and produced in series in France.

Caminade sells two steel bikes (frame kit), the One4All (all suspended) and the Simple Track (semirigid). They are suitable for different practices and able to meet all practitioners.

Caminade philosophy can be summarized in a few words: design and manufacture of bicycles of the highest quality, reliable, efficient, beautiful and easy to maintain.

Band of Riders partner of Caminade will soon offer equipment to the colors of the new French brand.

The SRC team, "Special Riders Company" was born two years ago. Created as an association (1901 law), this team, managed by Charles Pujol consists of three pilots, a mechanic and a manager.

Band of Riders supplies the team riders and the management team for the 2013 season.

For 2013, Band of riders also sponsors, as equipment supplier :

  • Maxime Kolb, which runs this year in "Elite" of bike-trial
  • Remy Durand, who is participating in the "enduro world series" and a few maxis or Dh-marathon.



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