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Chris et Lau : maillots Band of Riders

BAND OF RIDERS is a state of mind, the idea of riding with friends, a movement in which Christophe and Laurent, two enthusiasts bikers from Toulouse-France, meet.

October 2012, double fracture of the clavicle for Christophe. Result: 6 to 9 months stopping the sport in general and mountain biking in particular. Morale is low, he sorts his bike clothes : the shirts are dull.

Coincidence of season ending, Laurent does the same on his side. Same conclusion: all these clothes ara really uninspiring ...

The idea was born during a lunch : we drive with superb equipment, and very accomplished technologically bikes. Why don't our clothes have as much character that our bikes?

A timely encounter with a talented designer eventually set fire to the powder of their desire to create technical clothing previously unknown in the world of cycling.

Without compromising the technical quality of the fabrics and comfort cuts, today BAND OF RIDERS offers particularly elaborate designed clothing. The attention to detail and graphics give them an incomparable and unique style.

BAND OF RIDERS undertakes constantly to be creative to renew its collections.

Because the design is not only a concept but a way of life, give style to your life : ride different, ride with the Band of Riders !