How to be sure to choose the right size?

It's very simple: you choose in your wardrobe an equivalent model (but necessarily less beautiful than a product Band of Riders), then you measure as described in the size chart of our products.
Then just look for the size that corresponds to the measurements you made, taking care to select the proper cut.


We are a club, a group of friends, we wish to personalize a product Band of Riders with our logos, texts, etc ...

Customization of our products is quite possible.
Contact-us to discuss your ideas, and then we will look at all the possibilities that may be available to you.

I own a bike shop and I would like to distribute the products Band of Riders ...

It is possible in several ways : contact-us.

I have an idea of design that would fit in the range band of Riders...

Send us your graphics, and if your design interests us and that we consider and if we integrate it in our range, we'll be glad to offer you your jersey !

I use Google Chrome and can not add anything to my cart...

This small bug is referenced : empty the cache of your browser (hold down the [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Delete] and then check all the boxes and then press the [Clear browsing data] Close and restart Chrome. your shopping cart should be accessible.

I use Internet Explorer...

For a comfortable and efficient use of our website, we can only advise you to download a more powerful browser: Firefox or Chrome for example. It's free !

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